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Merry Christmas Folks!

Above: Elizabeth Willing, excerpt from ‘Christmas Ham’,  2010

Happy Holidays

Guardian-commissioned Christmas card by David Shrigley, 'Santa Eats Babies', 2010

Leg of Lamb is officially on holiday (aaah) so posts between now and January 9th will be intermittent at best. Wishing you all a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Hot Photo Friday – Jeanloup Sieff

Jeanloup Sieff, 'Rainy Day, Paris', 1975

Facebook says NO to nudity

Detail of Gustave Courbet's 'Origin of the World', 1886 - too rude for Facebook

Earlier this year Facebook deleted two users’ profiles after they posted an image of Gustave Courbet’s famed 18th century rendering of ladybits, Origin of the World, and  just last week, MONA’s Facebook page was censored following a post promoting Stuart Ringholt’s forthcoming naturist art tours that featured a bare-bottomed couple admiring artworks (below).

Promo image for MONA's naked art tours - turns out bottoms are also a big Facebook no-no

Facebook supporters  of Ai Weiwei have come under fire too. When Ai was accused of distributing pornography last month, Film-maker Alison Klayman posted the photographs in question (including the snap below) on Facebook,  inviting followers to determine whether or not the images were offensive.  For this she received a warning and her account was temporarily disabled.

Accused 'pornographer' Ai Weiwei and some fellow tweeps

Facebook’s rules state that users ‘will not post content that is hateful, threatening, or pornographic’ – but do any of these images fall into these categories? Instead of over-reacting and  suspending accounts, why not let the community who uses Facebook decide what’s appropriate and what isn’t?

Some recent work by Sascha Braunig

'Collared', 2011

'Fruited', 2011

'Untitled', 2011

Demand in Sydney

German artist Thomas Demand

Thomas Demand is creating a major new installation inside a Harry Seidler designed building in Sydney’s inner city.  Renowned for creating and photographing painstakingly fabricated environments constructed from paper and cardboard, The Dailies (presented by Kaldor Public Art Projects) will see Demand create a unique architectural setting upon which to install a new series of works.

In recent years Demand has increasingly explored unconventional exhibition models, custom designing wallpaper for his show at the Serpentine in 2006 and installing swathes of curtaining for his exhibition at the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin (2009-2010) and The Dailies is no exception. The installation’s experimental backdrop will be complemented by a short story written by American author Louis Begley and a signature scent, provided by Miuccia Prada no less.

Thomas Demand, The Dailies, Commercial Travellers’ Association, MLC Centre, Sydney, 23rd March – 22nd April, 2012.

Looking forward – Pipilotti Rist

Pipilotti Rist, I Packed the Postcard in My Suitcase, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, 111 Sturt Street, Southbank, Melbourne, 21 December 2011 – 4 March 2012.