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Art + Fashion

Andrew McLeod with model, wearing Jimmy D

Jimmy D’s new season that recently debuted at NZ Fashion Week features a collaboration between the designer and Andrew McLeod, who created a series of prints for the label that draw on the artist’s penchant for black metal.

The union made Leg of Lamb think about other antipodean art/fashion collabs like:

Reuben Paterson and World

Nell and Romance Was Born

James Morrison and Gorman

Doris de Pont and Richard Killeen

John Stezaker talks about his work

View the second half here.

Garage – The Magazine

Damien Hirst's cover for the first issue of 'Garage'

Russian socialite and Garage co-founder Dasha Zhukova has released an art/fashion crossover magazine named after her Moscow-based art space.  Dinos Chapman, Richard Prince and Damien Hirst have each created a cover for the first issue, with Hirst’s contribution causing such an uproar that it’s been banned by some UK newsagents.  Why?  Hirst’s cover (photographed by Hedi Slimane) features a woman’s crotch covered by a green butterfly sticker.  Peel it off – a la Warhol’s Velvet Underground cover art – and you’re left with a vagina tattooed to Hirst’s specifications.

And how does the recipient feel about all of this? The 23 year old stated “I would have been stupid not to be part of this project. I have a piece of art on my vagina. Not one single person can ever say they gave birth through a Damien Hirst piece of art. I can [if I ever give birth].”

View the other covers here.

Hot Photo Friday – Melanie Manchot

Melanie Manchot, 'Oxana', from the series 'Moscow Girls', 2004

New Albion Gallery finds a home at Sherman

Facade of Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, Paddington

A new commercial gallery backed by Deutscher and Hackett is set to open in Sydney next month.  Located in  Deutscher and Hackett’s exhibition space on Oxford Street, New Albion Gallery is run by Associate Director Adam Sims (previously Gallery Manager at Kaliman Gallery) with former QAG Director and this year’s Australian Commissioner for Venice Doug Hall acting as consulting curator.

But as of next year, New Albion’s on the move, taking over the Sherman Contemporaray Art Foundation’s current gallery space in Paddington.  SCAF are relocating to the new purpose-built Sherman Family Gallery housed in the College of Fine Arts.  With over 10,000 square feet of exhibition space, this 5 year joint initiative between SCAF and COFA is expected to become Sydney’s third major public gallery after the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the MCA.

Gaga – Repeat Offender

Left: still from Gaga's music video, 'Bad Romance'. Right: still from Matthew Barney's 'Cremaster 3'

Of course, Pieter Hugo isn’t the only contemporary artist who’s been a victim of plagiarism – witness the repeat offending of Lady Gaga, who’s adopted the work of Marina Abramović, Marilyn Minter, H.R. Giger and Matthew Barney (above) to name but a few.  Check out her other ‘homages’ here.

Everybody wants a piece of Pieter Hugo

Pieter Hugo, 'Mallam Galadima Ahmadu with Jamis, Nigeria', 2005

Still from Beyonce's recent music video, 'Run the World'

Beyonce’s latest music video, ‘Run the World’, (directed by Francis Lawrence) owes a great debt to the work of South African photographer Pieter Hugo. Whether the singer’s hyena-handling is interpreted as an homage to the photographer or downright plagiarism is debatable, though Hugo’s leaning towards with the latter, stating in The New Yorker: “I’m sure the Hyena Men are wondering if they’re going to get paid!”.

This isn’t the first time Hugo’s work has been appropriated, with the photographer identifying over a dozen direct visual copies from his Nollywood series (recently exhibited at the IMA in Brisbane and Te Tuhi Centre for the Arts, Auckland) in Grinderman’s music video ‘Heathen Child’ (above).  But Hugo’s letting this one slide, he’s a fan.