Monthly Archives: July 2011

Bob Dylan, painter

Bob Dylan, 'Favela Villa Broncos', 2009

Larry Gagosian has a new artist in his stable, and it’s none other than Mr Robert Allen Zimmerman, A.K.A Bob Dylan.  In recent weeks works by Dylan have appeared on the Gagosian website  and according to an insider, the muso is is set to show in one of Gagosian’s New York spaces in September.

Looking Forward – Robin Hungerford

Robin Hungerford, 'The Fix', video still, 2011

Robin Hungerford’s forthcoming exhibition Animal Vegetable Mineral opens at Peloton, 25 Meagher Street Chippendale, Sydney on Thursday the 4th of August at 6pm.

Hot Photo Friday – Anders Petersen

Anders Petersen, 'Untitled', from the series 'About Gap and St Etienne', 2005

Arron Santry awarded the 2011 Artspace Curatorial Internship

2011 Artspace Curatorial Intern Arron Santry

Recent University of Auckland graduate Arron Santry has been announced as the recipient of Artspace’s 2011 Curatorial Internship.  Santry will work closely with newly appointed Artspace Director Caterina Riva and will present a curated exhibition at the end of his tenure.  He begins his internship this week.

Want to see inside Jake Walker’s house?

Inside the home of Jake Walker and Genevieve Griffiths

New Zealand born, Melbourne based painter Jake Walker recently allowed the home he shares with architect Genevieve Griffiths to be photographed by Todd Selby from The Selby, a website that ‘offers an insider’s view of creative individuals in their personal spaces’.  View the entire shoot here.


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KALIMANRAWLINS opens in Melbourne

Steve Carr, 'Screen Shots', HD file transferred to Blue-Ray, unique edition, 2011

KALIMANRAWLINS opened their South Yarra gallery last week with not one, but two openings, and Leg of Lamb was there knocking back pink champagne with the best of them.  Directors Vasili Kaliman and Jarred Rawlins have kicked things off with a group show, the highlight of which was a three screen video work by New Zealand artist Steve Carr.

Screen Shots was filmed using a high definition camera that records 2,000 frames per second.  The result is dense, beautifully saturated footage of paint-filled balloons being pricked by pins.  The drawn-out tension of the pins pressing against the objects’ rubbery surfaces is almost excruciating to watch, but the inevitable ‘pops’ are remarkable. Recalling the scientific photographs of Harold Edgerton, Carr has captured what is unseen by the naked eye.  The rubbery exteriors of the balloons unfurl like skin, revealing heavy, sculptural masses of paint.  Carr has cleverly transformed the simple into the monumental.

To check out the other works in the show, and the recently released list of artists, visit KALIMANRAWLINS website.  And for those of you that couldn’t be there, check out the snaps above from (one of) the opening nights…