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New museum mooted for Te Papa’s art collection

'Our Place' - Te Papa, Wellington

Te Papa’s new chairman Sir Wira Gardiner has thrown his weight behind a proposal to build a 100 million dollar gallery to house Te Papa’s extensive (and barely seen) art collection.  Given that the bulk of funding would need to be provided by private donors, some are skeptical as to whether the project will get off the ground.  Wellington-based curator Luit Bieringa  stated that “It’s been mooted too often for me to take it seriously any more.”  However, with heavyweights Sir Wira and new Te Papa chief executive Mike Houlihan supporting Te Papa board member Chris Parkin’s aim to “leave Wellington with a new national art gallery”, let’s hope they can deliver.

You can read more about the proposal here.

Who’s going to win the Turner Prize?

Angela de la Cruz, 'Clutter', 2003

The winner of the 2010 Turner Prize will be announced this time next week. Sound artist Susan Philipz is the bookies clear favourite, with Dexter Dalwood and Angela de la Cruz jostling for second place.   Guardian art critic Adrian Searle is backing Philipz too (you can watch his video verdict online) but Leg of Lamb is rooting for de la Cruz.  Her busted-up paintings literally spill from their frames, while others lie crumpled on the floor in anticlimactic heaps.  The artist’s anthropomorphised semi-sculptures poke fun at the heroics of painting.

Check out the other contenders here before all is revealed on December 6…

Hot Photo Friday – Kohei Yoshiyuki

Kohei Yoshiyuki, 'Untitled', from the series 'The Park', 1971

Thanks RL.

Looking Forward – Kiwi Accents

Yvonne Todd, 'Limpet', 2005

Unnerved, a touring exhibition from Queensland Art Gallery opened at the NGV last night.  The collection-based show features work by contemporary New Zealand artists, some of whom are giving floor talks at the NGV tomorrow.  Kiwi Accents runs from 10:30am until 5pm and features speakers Yvonne Todd, Gavin Hipkins, Nathan Pohio, Lisa Reihana, Ann Noble and John Pule (who plans on reading Keats aloud for 20 minutes!).

Avedon reaches record price

Richard Avedon, 'Dovima With Elephants', 1955

A unique 2 metre high print of Richard Avedon’s 1955 photograph ‘Dovima With Elephants’ has sold at Christie’s in Paris for $1,148,910, making it the most expensive photograph ever sold at auction in Europe.  Released alongside 64 other photographs from the Avedon Foundation, ‘Dovima With Elephants’ sparked a bidding war won by Dior – the dress Dovima wears in the photograph was designed by the fashion house.

When artists make cakes

The cake above was designed by Tom Polo and subsequently consumed by the artist and his friends.  It was included in The Gift, an exhibition at Parramatta Artists Studios that closes tomorrow.

Hot Photo Friday – Todd Papageorge

Todd Papageorge, 'Central Park, New York', 1982