Aphex Twin weighs in on US Election

Richard James, better known as Aphex Twin, is King of facial distortions, as his 1997 music video for Come to Daddy (directed by Chris Cunningham) attests. Now, in collaboration with UK based video designer Weirdcore, he’s turning his attention to the US elections to promote his first show in the States in over 8 years. The video includes distorted clips of the presidential debates, Trump supporters and the two candidates complete with chipmunk voices and perversely chopped up faces.

And if the nightmare above stresses you out too much, watch the video below for Aphex Twin’s CIRKLON3 instead.  His first clip to be released in 17 years, it was in fact made by a 12 year old Irish boy. James discovered young Ryan Wyer’s YouTube channel earlier this year and gave him free reign to make the video, which looks like it’s been filmed using an early version of iMac Photobooth.  I love this.

Aphex Twin weighs in on US Election

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