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E=mc2 at Jensen

Works by Fred Sandback (foreground) and Gunter Umberg at Jensen Gallery, Paddington

Leg of Lamb caught a hot group show at Jensen’s Sydney space last week. E=mc2 features work by Callum Innes, Gunter Umberg and the late Fred Sandback.  The canvases by Innes and Umberg are beautiful objects, but it’s Sandback’s string installations that dominate the exhibition.  The artist uses tautly stretched yarn to create quadrilinear forms that, despite their modest materials, strongly demarcate planes of imposing, monumental space.  The resulting interplay between presence and absence is incredibly elegant. Sandback can make shapes vibrate, an effect that must be witnessed in the flesh.

E=mc2, Jensen Gallery, 3-5 Caledonia Street, Paddington, Sydney,
until July 23rd.

Jensen to open in Sydney

Installation view, 'Callum Innes', Jensen Gallery, Auckland, August 2008

Auckland gallery director Andrew Jensen has announced that he will be opening a second ‘significantly scaled’ gallery in Sydney.  Jensen is effectively relocating to Australia to run the Paddington space while Emma Fox (current head of fine art at Webb’s) will manage the Auckland gallery.  Jensen Sydney will open with a solo project by Callum Innes in February 2011.