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Richard Wright wins the 2009 Turner Prize

Beating out fellow finalists Enrico David, Lucy Skaer and Roger Hiorns, Glasgow-based artist Richard Wright is the 25th (and oldest) winner of Britain’s most prestigious art prize.  49-year-old Wright’s winning fresco is not only painstakingly created, it is also temporary.  His sentiment that “there is too much stuff in the world” is embodied within the artist’s own practise.  His site-specific installations are created on the condition that they must always be destroyed.  As such, Wright’s art lies completely outside of the art market and makes him an interesting foil to the likes of previous Turner Prize winners Damian Hirst, Tracey Emin et al, whose work is both wildly expensive and highly collectable.  Wright likes “…the idea of there being nothing left when I’m gone” and this ambition is a refreshing alternative to a culture consumed by the commodification of art.

The Turner prize runs at Tate Britain, London until 3 January 2010.