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Sweet sounds at QAG

Radio QAG playlist compiled by Scott Redford

Is it wrong to be so excited about a trip to the loo?  Leg of Lamb spent the weekend in Brissie and was pleasantly surprised by an aural experience in Queensland Art Gallery’s bathroom (of all places!).  Instead of piping out your average muzac, the WC has its own customised playlist care of Queensland artist Scott Redford, who created it to coincide with his current exhibition, Introducing Reinhardt Dammn.  Redford has selected songs by Roxy Music, The Eagles, and Mott the Hoople – it’s a party in there!  And an excellent way to animate what is usually such a banal space.  (The show’s worth a visit too).

Scott Redford – Dead Board 3

Still from Scott Redford's 'Dead Board 3'

Leg of Lamb avoided the throngs of people queueing for the incredibly popular Ron Mueck show at the NGV on the weekend in favour of a wander around the permanent collections.  The highlight was a video work by Queensland artist Scott Redford.

Dead Board 3 features a succession of Ozzie beach babes struggling to saw though styrofoam surfboards.  Their  job is difficult (and comical) given their tiny frames and precarious stance – they kneel on boogie-boards that slide around beneath their bronzed bodies.   As tension mounts, we expect each girl to admit defeat.  Instead, when one babe finally completes the task, she is replaced relay-style by another, and thus the ‘dead boring’ cycle continues…

Work by Scott Redford will feature in Scott Redford versus Michael Zavros at the IMA, Brisbane from 5 June – 17 July, 2010.