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Tally Ho!

The legacy of Cass

Rita Angus, 'Cass', oil on board, 37 x 46 cm, 1936, Rita Angus Estate

Julian Daspher, 'Cass (8/10)', black and white photograph and crayon, 39 x 49.5 cm, 1986, Auckland Art Gallery

Peter Peryer, 'Cass', digital print, 34.3 x 45 cm, 2004, Chartwell Collection, Auckland Art Gallery

Dane Mitchell, 'Cass', graphite on paper, 68.5 x 102 cm, 2006, Chartwell Collection, Auckland Art Gallery

Robert Scott, 'Owhiro', pen and acrylic on board, 18 x 18 cm, 2011

A Clean concert is a funny place to start meditating upon the art historical influence of Cass (a small settlement in the South Island of New Zealand immortalised by the Rita Angus painting of the same name).  Yet artwork by The Clean’s Robert Scott at the gig’s merch desk included a charming little painting of a shed in Owhiro that recalled the New Zealand classic.  Scott isn’t the first Kiwi artist to revisit the scene.  Julian Daspher, Peter Peryer and Dane Mitchell have all had a go too.