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Lundberg New Hodgkins Fellow

Patrick Lundberg

Patrick Lundberg

Patrick Lundberg has been awarded the 2014 Frances Hodgkins arts Fellowship. Run by the University of Otago, the fellowship provides a New Zealand-based artist with a studio space and the salary equivalent to a full time university lecturer for a 12 month period.  This will be Lundberg’s first opportunity to concentrate exclusively on his practice and he plans to develop one distinct body of work, making paintings that he describes as ‘games or instruments’. He first presented this type of work in the exhibitions Points, planes, eddies, regresses at Robert Heald in Wellington in 2012 and Games at Ivan Anthony in Auckland in July.  Read the full list of fellows here.

Some recent work by David Cauchi

'The mill and the square', 2011

'It's good enough for you', 2011

'Future is past', 2011

David Cauchi: Landscape Paintings at Robert Heald Gallery, 209 Leftbank
Cuba Mall, Wellington, until December 17th, 2011.

The Comfort of Things – Edith Amituanai at Robert Heald Gallery

Edith Amituanai, 'Atalani', from the series 'Millenial', 2008

The Comfort of Things is Edith Amituanai‘s first exhibition with new Wellington dealer Robert Heald and the show consists of photographs that are typically low-key.  Sometimes they involve interior shots of starkly lit and sparsely filled living rooms.  On first encounter, it’s easy to write them off as banal when, in fact, they are simply quiet and therein lies their charm.

Edith Amituanai, 'Mr and Mrs Sagapolou', from the series 'Mrs Amituanai', 2005

Amituanai takes an interest in the lives of others and uses her camera to better understand those around her.  She has staged scenes using members of her own family (Mrs Amituanai, 2005) and documented the experience of Burmese immigrants to Auckland (La Fine Del Mondo, 2009-2010).  The show contains a selection of photographs from both series, and others.  No grand gestures here, the works are relatively small and convey a quiet confidence.  Their domestic scale means they would look equally at home in the family rooms they depict and it’s this slippage between public artwork and private snapshot that makes them so captivating.

'Edith Amituanai : the comfort of things', installation shot, Robert Heald Gallery

Edith Amituanai : The comfort of things, Robert Heald Gallery, 209 Leftbank, Cuba Mall, Wellington, until June 26.

New kid on the block – Robert Heald

Leg of Lamb reckons Ivan Anthony is one of the best dealer galleries in New Zealand.  Ivan’s stable is impressive, his artists are fiercely loyal and the man himself is both forthright and accommodating.  For many years, Robert Heald has been his right-hand man (you can see Robert immortalised in a painting by Liz Maw here).  So Leg of Lamb was interested to learn that Heald has recently moved to Wellington to start an eponymously titled gallery of his own.  Robert Heald Gallery opens on April 22 with Patrick Lundberg: No Longer Exactly the Same (as Before).  Watch this space!