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Looking forward – sound performance by Matthew Hopkins

Matthew Hopkins, still from ‘Hypnagogic Reconstruction #1 HEAD’, 2010-2011

To coincide with his current exhibition Heads, Matthew Hopkins is performing with musical collaborator Jonathan Hochman on April 2 at Gallery 9, Sydney.  Their synthesizer drenched industrial sound-scapes will serve as an accompaniment to Hopkins’ new video/sound piece Hypnagogic Reconstruction #1 HEAD.  The artist’s still (above) made Leg of Lamb think of DWARR’s ‘Screams of Terror’ video.  Freaky.

Hopkins is a busy man.  His band, Naked on the Vague, will be playing at the New Museum, New York, as part of the George Condo retrospective on April 14th.

Ever felt like this?

Matthew Hopkins, 'Ascending Head #5 (Forced Ascension)', oil on canvas, 2010

The work above (and others) will be included in Matthew Hopkins’ forthcoming exhibition, HEADS, at Gallery 9, 9 Darley Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney. Exhibition dates: 23 March – 16 April.