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Gabomi vs Matthew Barney

Matthew Barney, Cremaster 2: Genealogy, 1990

Matthew Barney, Cremaster 2: Genealogy 1990

Gabomi, The Surface - Mirror - Koto River 2014

Gabomi, The Surface – Mirror – Koto River 2014


Matthew Barney inhabiting one of many personas in Cremaster 3

Matthew Barney turned 45 yesterday. To celebrate, let’s revisit an oldie but a goodie – the Cremaster Cycle Cheat Sheet.  From creepy bee sex to prolapsed colons, it’s your go-to guide for all things Cremaster.

Gaga – Repeat Offender

Left: still from Gaga's music video, 'Bad Romance'. Right: still from Matthew Barney's 'Cremaster 3'

Of course, Pieter Hugo isn’t the only contemporary artist who’s been a victim of plagiarism – witness the repeat offending of Lady Gaga, who’s adopted the work of Marina Abramović, Marilyn Minter, H.R. Giger and Matthew Barney (above) to name but a few.  Check out her other ‘homages’ here.

Matthew Barney, the action figure

Matthew Barney action figure by Michael Leavitt

Michael Levitt likes to turn his favourite artists into action figures.  Previous subjects include Jeff Koons, Takashi Murakami and Julian Schnabel, and now it’s Matthew Barney’s turn.  The curiously appendaged Cremaster character above will feature in Levitt’s forthcoming exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York City.

(Thanks G.O.)

Traces of Matthew Barney on Nicholson Street…

'Cremaster' stencil, Nicholson Street, Melbourne

Matthew Barney’s Cremaster 1, now on Playstation

Fluxlasers has made a Playstation game based on Matthew Barney’s 1995 film Cremaster 1. Created with PS3’s Little Big Planet, the game includes Cremaster staples such as fetishised shoes, Goodyear blimps and carefully synchronised grapes. Given that Barney was reluctant for these films to be exhibited anywhere other than cinemas, Leg of Lamb wonders what he’ll make of this bastardized Cremaster appearing on screens the world over.

The Cremaster Cycle – again.

Matthew Barney’s Cremaster series has been around for a while now.  The 5 feature-length films (named after the muscle that raises and lowers the testes) were released between 1994 and 2002.  And they’re no mean feat – each film is a highly complex spectacle that involves a motley crew of characters played by the likes of Norman Mailer, Ursula Andress, Richard Serra, Steve Tucker (then-vocalist for Morbid Angel), double amputee athlete and model Aimee Mullins and others.  Vaseline – Barney’s signature material – appears throughout.

While ‘The Order’, a small segment of Cremaster 3 is available on DVD, Barney made these films for the big screen and Melbournites have the opportunity to see them all this Sunday (July 11th) at the Cremaster  Marathon, screening at ACMI from 3pm.