Rock Solid

Anna Ephraim, 'Budgies', porcelain, pigment, cotton cord, sterling silver

Rock Solid at Pieces of Eight, Melbourne, features  jewellery created by 11 established visual artists.  Jeweller, writer and Rock Solid curator Meredith Turnbull invited participants to create sculptural works on a scale small enough to be worn on the body, and the results are diverse.

Madeline Kidd, 'Abstract Sculpture #5', found wooden objects, enamel paint', 2011, and 'Necklace with white and yellow beads', fimo, string, 2011

Christopher L G Hill shrinks multicoloured plastic bags into bangles, Anna Ephraim continues her exploration into natural history with a series of parrots fashioned out of porcelain and Madeleine Kidd presents wonderfully tactile baubles upon geometric components that reflect her abstracted, candy coloured paintings.  Uninhibited by the conventions of traditional jewellery making, the artists’ experimental (though not always entirely successful) work conveys a real freedom of expression.

Rock Solid, Pieces of Eight, 28 Russell Place, Melbourne, until May 7th

Rock Solid

Madeline Kidd at The Narrows

Madeline Kidd, 'Grapes and Pearls', 2008

Leg of Lamb has been indulging in the smooth sounds of yacht rock recently (you can listen to a prime example of the genre here).  How fortuitous then, to catch Madeline Kidd’s exhibition Cruise Collection at The Narrows.

Brightly coloured and highly decorative, Kidd’s paintings are filled with glamorous ’80s-style imagery – think resorts, poolside parties and all the trimmings.  In the flyer that accompanies the exhibition Kidd describes the exhibition as ‘A painted world of breeziness, lightness and ease.  Chocolate wrappers and Prada, cocktails and cool wine, desire and appetite are the favourite things’.  Despite this celebration of all things fabulous, the physical flatness of the paintings hints at the superficiality of such decadent scenarios.

Neverthless, you should indulge.   Take the artist’s advice and: ‘lie back, put your shades on, sip your cocktail…and take in that view.’

Madeline Kidd, Cruise Collection, The Narrows, 2/141 Flinders Lane, Melbourne until April 9.

Madeline Kidd at The Narrows