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Fritsch discusses Cock

The Cock Wins!

Katharina Fritsch admires her winning cock.

Katharina Fritsch’s proposal for London’s ongoing Fourth Plinth commission has been accepted and in 2013 her giant 4.3 metre cockerel will be installed in Trafalgar Square.  Laden with innuendo, the electric blue rooster not only suggests male posturing but, according to the artist, symbolises regeneration, awakening and strength.

Fritsch’s commission will be preceded by Scandinavian duo Elmgreen and Dragset’s ‘Powerless Structures, Fig 101‘, a bronze sculpture of a boy on a rocking horse that pokes fun at the traditional monuments of generals and war heroes that also populate the square.

The Fourth Plinth is currently occupied by Yinka Shonibare’s ‘Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle‘.

Maquettes for Fourth Plinth Commission revealed

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The artists shortlisted for the next Fourth Plinth Commission in London’s Trafalgar Square have submitted their maquettes to the Commissioning Group (that includes artist Grayson Perry and Ekow Eshun, Director of ICA).  The successful submission will replace the current installation, ‘Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle’, by Yinka Shonibare next year.  Leg of Lamb is rooting for the giant cock.