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Harrell Fletcher presents the People’s Biennial

Veda Epling, 'Veda's Bibles (Psalms)', 2006, representative of the kind of work the curators might select for the People’s Biennial

Strengthening his commitment to individuals that operate outside of the art world’s conventional parameters, Harrell Fletcher (along with Jens Hoffmann) is developing a biennial.  In an industry saturated with such events, the People’s Biennial is different.  It will involve 5 American institutions each presenting the work of 5 local artists.  These artists must work outside of main art centres and Fletcher and Hoffman are currently touring states including South Dakota, Oregon, North Carolina and Pennsylvania selecting participants.  According to its founders, the People’s Biennale is a response to ‘…the art world’s ever increasing exclusivity, which has turned the spaces where art is produced and exhibited into privileged havens detached from the ordinary realities of everyday life’.  As always, Fletcher’s practice offers a generous alternative.