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Shrigley vs. Armanious

David Shrigley, 'Nailed biscuit', acrylic composite, nail, 2001

David Shrigley, ‘Nailed biscuit’, acrylic composite, nail, 2001

Hany Armanious, 'Coin', cast pigmented polyester resin, cast bronze, 2013

Hany Armanious, ‘Coin’, cast pigmented polyester resin, cast pigmented polyurethan resin, cast bronze, 2013


Hany Armanious vs. Nicholas Folland

Hany Armanious, 'Untitled Snake Oil', 1998

Nicholas Folland, 'Goodnight Sweetheart', 2010

Venice Artists Love Crocs

Michael Parekowhai's bronze crocs in situ in Venice, photo care of Over the Net

One of the sculptures included in Michael Parekowhai’s current Venice installation On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer is a pair of crocs made out of bronze.  These rubbery eyesores caught Australia’s biennale representative Hany Armanious’s attention too.  In 2007 they featured prominently in his installation Year of the Pig Sty at Foxy Production in New York (below).

Hany Armanious, 'Year of the Pig Sty', installation view, Foxy Production, New York, 2007

New Planes Public Press

Sydney-based editors Lisa Lerkenfeldt and Hayley Morgan describe their emerging publication New Planes as a ‘framework for re-evaluating what is considered acceptable contemporary journalism’.  Following a snappy looking pilot issue with cover art by Jake Walker, they’re set to launch issue one at Good God in Sydney this Thursday (details above).  Featuring articles on Hany Armanious and Tom Polo, you can grab a copy from one of the following locations.

Hany Armanious to represent Australia at 2011 Venice Biennale

Hany Armanious, 'Uncanny Valley', 2009

The Australia Council for the Arts today announced that Sydney-based artist Hany Armanious will represent Australia at the 54th Venice Biennale.  Good choice!  You can read more about his selection here.