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Photographer Gary Gross dies aged 73

Garry Gross, 'Brooke Shields at 10', 1975

He photographed celebrities including Lou Reed and and Whitney Houston, but fashion photographer Gary Gross was best-known for a controversial shoot involving a young Brooke Shields, who posed naked for the photographer at the tender age of 10.  Shields later took Gross to court to prevent him from selling the shots but reproduction of the images was ultimately permitted.

In 1983, one of these photographs (above) was immortalised by Richard Prince, who appropriated the work and re-presented it within his own practice.  Entitled ‘Spiritual America’, the Prince iteration was so controversial that last year it was pulled from the Tate exhibition Pop Life when authorities warned that it could breach obscenity laws.  It was previously exhibited at the Guggenheim, New York, without complaint.

Despite a successful career in fashion, commissions waned in the wake of the Shields scandal and Gross increasingly turned his attention to canine pursuits, even opening a dog training school in Manhattan.  His most recent work involved large format studio portraits of aging dogs.