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Koons’ Art Car unveiled in Paris

Jeff Koons with the 17th BMW Art Car

In April Leg of Lamb revealed Jeff Koons’ plans for BMW’s latest art car.  The project has now reached fruition (see above) with the car set to race in the Le Mans 24 hour rally this Saturday.  In an interview with Art Review, Koons said his design “symbolises the force of life, the microsecond of creation” which might explain why – with a stretch of the imagination – some have identified sperm-like designs across the car’s body.  This is the guy responsible for Made in Heaven after all…

Jeff Koons, painter of cars

Jeff Koons' design concept for BMW

First it was Dakis Joannou’s yacht, now Jeff Koons is having a go at a racing car.  The artist is decorating BMW’s next ‘art car’ for the Grand Prix at Le Mans this June.  It’s the 17th in a series that began in 1975 with a paint-job by Alexander Calder.

Conceived after driving past Christmas lights at speed, Koons claims his design expresses “the aesthetics of winning”.   The artist will sign the vehicle during a ceremony at the Pompidou Centre, Paris on June 1.