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Inside 21st Century

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21st Century: Art in the First Decade was held at the Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, from 18 December 2010 – 26 April 2011.

An exciting discovery at GoMA

GoMA’s collection-based show 21st Century (that featured work acquired within the past decade) traded on spectacle.  There were giant funslides, a room teeming with balloons and an installation involving live finches.  Away from this kiddie friendly fare however, in a darkened room trimmed with chintzy red velvet curtains and an old couch lay, in Leg of Lamb’s opinion, the exhibition highlight – Ryan Trecartin’s film, A Family Finds Entertainment (2004).

The young American creates outrageous videos and posts them online on YouTube and Vimeo under the pseudonym Wian Treetin.  In A Family Finds Entertainment, Trecartin and his friends appear dolled up in lurid DIY make-up and half-baked costumes improvising their way through loosely plotted scenarios at hyper-real speed. Recalling tripped out manifestations of bad television, these low-budget affairs address ‘youth culture’ through cheesy special effects, dressups and associated ‘Gen Y’ lingo as a means of reflecting upon a generation both affected and affirmed by media consumption.

21st Century: Art in the First Decade
at the Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, closed today, but you can view more of Ryan Trecartin’s work online here.

QAG/GoMA Reopens

Queensland Art Gallery and the Gallery of Modern Art reopened their doors today following prolonged closures due to the recent flooding in Queensland. This means GoMA’s summer exhibition 21st Century (which showcases works acquired within the last decade) is back up and running.  The collection-based blockbuster contains over 140 artists, including Fiona Hall, who discussed her work as part of the gallery’s public programme (above).