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McCartney & Hume

A collaboration with Gary Hume from Stella McCartney's latest collection

Drawings by Gary Hume feature in Stella McCartney’s latest collection

Stella McCartney’s latest pre-Fall range includes a collaboration with English painter Gary Hume, who created a series of graphic drawings that were then embroidered onto sweaters and the coat above, amongst other things. You can view more from the range here.

Condo for Chrissie

One-off Birkin bag modified by painter George Condo

One-off Birkin bag modified by painter George Condo

Did you get a Hermès Birkin bag customised by George Condo for Christmas?  No?  Well Kim Kardashian did.  The bag, which retails from anywhere between $7,400 to $150,000  was a gift from her beau Kanye West, who has a longstanding relationship with the painter. In fact, Condo created the cover art for West’s 2010 album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.  Whether the bag is to Kardashian’s gaudy taste is hard to say, but her fans certainly disapprove, proclaiming on her Instagram feed that it’s ‘ugly as f*ck’ – tsk!

Kenzo & Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper Magazine‘s latest project is a typically oddball campaign for Paris-based fashion label Kenzo.  The Toilet Paper creative team comprised of Maurizio Cattelan, Pierpaolo Ferrari and Micol Tals has delivered a new season campaign featuring kittens, models pinned like specimens and a whole lot of eyeballs. Watch them shooting the campaign above and check out some of the stills here.

Do not want

Luxury backpacks by Hirst & the Olsen twins

Luxury backpacks by Hirst & the Olsen twins

So here’s a not-so-great art/fashion collab.  This time between the insipid, possum-eyed Olsen twins and Damien Hirst.  Together, they’ve created a range of ‘luxury backpacks’ for Mary Kate & Ashley’s fashion line, The Row.  Peppered with Hirst-brand polka dots and prescription pills (and the artist’s signature too, of course), one of these little numbers will set you back US$55,000.  Only 12 have been made.  But no need to feel too guilty about your outrageous purchase, a ‘significant portion’ of each sale goes to UNICEF…

Koons Does Clothes

Apparel from Lisa Perry’s Koons inspired collection

Jeff Koons is no stranger to the world of fashion.  In 2006 the artist collaborated with Stella McCartney on her Summer collection and last year shot an editorial for the September issue of Harpers Bazaar.  His grinning mug even made it on to the cover of the January ‘Art’ issue of Harpers China.

Lisa Perry bangles and the Koons works that inspired them

The artist’s latest sartorial venture is with fashion designer Lisa Perry, who Koons has teamed up with to create a capsule collection inspired by some of his key works (including the 1986 steel sculpture ‘Rabbit’).  But you better save your pennies if you fancy donning some artsy threads because they don’t come cheap – dresses start at $2,000.  Perhaps that’s why Koons has thrown in a bangle option; a steal at only $300 a pop.  Check out the full range here.

AnOther take on Pina

Pina was unequivocally Leg of Lamb’s top film of 2011.  Director Wim Wenders’ homage to the late German dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch (who died suddenly, two days before filming commenced) is an exuberant celebration of the artist’s life and practice.  In the film, members of the Pina Bausch dance company (the Tanztheater Wuppertal) perform excerpts from some of the choreographer’s key pieces in and around her home town.  Bausch embraced the big themes – love, joy, despair – with a disarming degree of sensitivity and humour, and the film is a moving testament to the dancer and her legacy.  The same can’t be said of a more recent tribute.

Late last year, AnOther Magazine commissioned a short film (above) featuring Rachel Weisz to coincide with the launch of their Winter issue.  Directed by Craig McDean, Weisz’s series of ‘non-narrative micro performances’ were directly inspired by Pina.  But let’s face it, whacking on some lippie and staggering around in a pretty dress just isn’t going to cut it…

Art + Fashion

Andrew McLeod with model, wearing Jimmy D

Jimmy D’s new season that recently debuted at NZ Fashion Week features a collaboration between the designer and Andrew McLeod, who created a series of prints for the label that draw on the artist’s penchant for black metal.

The union made Leg of Lamb think about other antipodean art/fashion collabs like:

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