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Chrissie GIFs

Judy Chicago
How did I miss this?!  Each year The Guardian commissions a group of artists to create virtual Chrissie cards you can send to your friends.  At the end of last year they changed things up, commissioning a bunch of gifs by the likes of Jeremy Deller, Tony Oursler and Marc Quinn.  Then there’s Jake and Dinos Chapman’s cheery contribution; What Christmas Looks Like When You’re Dying.  LOL’s particularly enamoured with Judy Chicago’s work, Bang Bang (above). I think I’ve found my 2015 spirit guide.


Rose Nolan walks past her architectural intervention in

Rose Nolan walks past her architectural intervention in Melbourne

Rose Nolan has collaborated with architects OOF! Architecture to realise one of her signature text pieces on the facade of a newly renovated domestic dwelling in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond.  You can view more images of the Victorian era home (and former shop) here.


Here is a portrait of Yayoi Kusama in 1939


Merry Christmas

Collage by Yvonne Todd

Collage by Yvonne Todd made in 1992 and inspired by a Perry Como album cover

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you.
LOL wishes you all the best for the festive season.

Choccie Santas

Christmas.  Remember back in 2007 when Paul McCarthy turned commercial gallery Maccarone into a fully operational chocolate factory that made these?

Santa with a Buttplug chocolates by Paul McCarthy

Santa with a Buttplug chocolates by Paul McCarthy

Over six weeks, the factory produced and sold over 1,000 of these pricy chocolates/cheap sculptures daily (check it out in operation in the top video).  This year, he’s doing it all over again at the Monnaie de Paris as part of his first major solo exhibition in France.

Installation view of Paul McCarthy's Chocolate Factory

Installation view of Paul McCarthy’s Chocolate Factory at the Monnaie de Paris

Those of us in the antipodes can even get in on the festive action by purchasing McCarthy’s sweet treats online – choccie santas and the classic buttplugs – oh, I mean ‘trees’ – are $75 each.  Merry Christmas!

Hot Photo Friday – JH Engström

JH Engström, from the 'Back Home' series, 2009

JH Engström, from the ‘Back Home’ series, 2009

Punch a Monet

Gif from

Gif from a new online game by Eiji Muroichi, Dries Depoorter and Tom Galle

Suffering from a lil pre-Christmas stress?  Need to let off some steam?  Why not punch a Monet?  While LOL doesn’t condone violence against artworks, this interactive online game by Dries Depoorter, Eiji Muroichi, and Tom Galle (above) is rather amusing – and topical of course, following the five year jail sentence recently issued to Andrew Shannon after he did just that to Monet’s Argenteuil Basin with a Single Sailboat (1874) at the National Gallery of Ireland in 2012.  If you fancy creating your own virtual damage you can do so here.