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So long, Shigeko Kubota

Shigeko Kubota, Vagina Painting, 1965

Shigeko Kubota, Vagina Painting, 1965

Japanese-born video artist and Fluxus member Shigeko Kubota has died in New York aged 77.  She is perhaps best known for the photographs associated with her 1965 performance Vagina Painting at the Perpetual Fluxus Festival in New York, in which she marked a scroll of paper with washes of red paint from a brush strapped between her legs – a powerful response to the heroic posturing of the male-dominated abstract expressionist movement.  Surprisingly, this was Kubota’s first and only performance work, and her subsequent practice was centred around video, sculpture and installation.  Read Art Asia Pacific’s obituary here.

Gabomi vs Matthew Barney

Matthew Barney, Cremaster 2: Genealogy, 1990

Matthew Barney, Cremaster 2: Genealogy 1990

Gabomi, The Surface - Mirror - Koto River 2014

Gabomi, The Surface – Mirror – Koto River 2014

Culture Wars

George Brandis as Piccinini's Sky Whale

Brandis as Sky Whale, image care of The George Brandis Live Art Experience

Here is a list compiled by Crikey of the ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY FIVE arts organisations that will be directly affected by Minister for the Arts, George Brandis’s ruthless cuts to arts funding.

Poor Little Billionaires

Baselitz does it again

Georg Baselitz

Baselitz, idiot

Back in 2013 painter Georg Baselitz proclaimed that “women don’t paint very well”.  Now the old timer’s at it again, claiming; “if women are ambitious enough to succeed, they can do so, thank you very much. But up until now, they have failed to prove that they want to. Normally, women sell themselves well, but not as painters”.  Guess he hasn’t heard of a little thing called the glass ceiling.  More here.

So Long, Chris Burden