Kiwi-born, Melbourne-based art enthusiast.

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  1. Hi how are you going art fan? I have got a new blog of studio visits up and running thought you might like a look.

    All the best,

    Jake Walker

  2. Thanks for the heads up Jake, it’s now in the Leg of Lamb blog roll.

    Beautiful photos.


  3. Hi Serena
    You might check out ocula.com

    If you see fit it would be an honour to have us on your roll.

    p.s…are you available for reviewing for EyeContact in Melbourne?

  4. Thanks Chris,

    I’ve been watching the Ocula project with interest.

    And always keen to contribute to EyeContact!


  5. Hello Leg of Lamb Found your site a while ago and enjoying it. I have you on my links. Check out my work http://www.julianward.co.nz
    Julian Ward

  6. I love you aesthetics. Wonderful collection of works. I come by often. Wondering if you might find that my photography fits in with your world. Here it is: http://dianakgarrett.com/

    Diana K. Garrett

  7. Hi there…
    We just got started last year with our collective…but please check it out http://www.aggroculture.org/. We’d love to be included on your blogroll …for news from our part of the world!

  8. I love your site! Just stumbled on it today, looking for Grete Stern pics. What a find! Am now following you with much interest from Chile/California.

  9. Cassandra Lehman-Schultz

    Hi Leg of Lamb
    I would love to chat with you some time about your adventures in Jogja. A mutual friend suggested I get in touch.

  10. Hi there Cassandra,

    Happy to chat about Jogja, could wax lyrical about that place for ages!

    Will send you an email…


  11. Serena! My sister was following your blog for ages with no idea it was you!
    I’ve started a blog now too… Watch out for it https://afewofmyfavourite.wordpress.com
    Hope the new job is going swimmingly x

  12. Hi Serena. I was just wondering, how did you get into curating? I saw on an article about Yvonne Todd that you are an Assistant Curator at NGV, and as someone wanting to get into that field, I was wondering how you achieved this. Whether through studies, experience, contacts etc, any advice would be much appreciated! Cheers, Esse.

  13. Hi there
    I was wondering if you were planning to do a review (or overview) of the New15 show. I’ve been searching online but haven’t found any decent reviews, and would be interested to hear your thoughts.

    Thanks, and thanks for blogging. It’s nice to hear an independent voice.


    • Hey Charlie, thanks for your nice feedback! The blog has been languishing of late as I’ve been a bit pressed for time, which is one of the reasons why I probably won’t be reviewing NEW this year. Where are you based?

  14. Hey Esse, sorry for late response. I’m going to email you now! SB

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