No. Just No.

Jackson Pollock’s Number 11, 1952, also known as Blue Poles

Liberal Senator James Paterson reckons that the National Gallery of Australia should sell one of it’s best-loved paintings – Jackson Pollock’s Blue Poles.  Bought in 1973 for the then record price of $1.3 million, the painting is now estimated to be worth around $350 million. “It’s not appropriate for the Federal Government to own a single piece of art worth $350 million, particularly given that money could be much better used elsewhere,” says Paterson in the Herald Sun (of course..).  And what should that money be used for? “Given our gross national debt of $470 billion as of this month, my preference would be to use every dollar of the proceeds from selling Blue Poles to pay down debt.”  No words… (More here).

No. Just No.

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