80 Tonnes of Shit for the City of Zurich

Working drawing for Mike Bouchet’s installation The Zurich Load 2016

Mike Bouchet has taken a novel approach to this year’s Manifesta 11 theme – ‘What People Do for Money: Joint Ventures’ by re-routing and transforming the city’s waste.  His work The Zurich Load 2016, which is in its final stages of production, consists of 80,000 kilos of human faeces – the equivalent of a day’s worth of sewerage production in the city.  The artist has been working with a local sewerage plant and conservator to transform the waste (using lime and cement) into a series of monumental, hand formed bricks, produced at the rate of about fifty per day.  Poking fun at the stereotypes of the ‘clean’ Swiss, Bouchet’s is keen for participants to get up close and personal with their waste.  He says; “With this work I like the idea of people being comfortable around it. There is reason why there’s a taboo about waste that has built up over the ages.”  The completed work, which can only be shown indoors, (and smells INTENSE by all accounts), will sit in one of the largest exhibition spaces in the city, the first floor of the Migros Museum from June 11th – September 18th before being destroyed.

80 Tonnes of Shit for the City of Zurich

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