On Curating – Lara Strongman

Dr Lara Strongman
Dr Lara Strongman

“Fundamentally I’m a joiner, a door-opener, a conduit of ideas that are worth sharing.  Contemporary curators encounter those ideas in artists’ studios and then, back at the gallery, they advocate for those ideas and their wider importance.  You seek to champion the artists’ ideas and bring them to wider attention through the mechanisms of a gallery. Being a champion, however, isn’t entirely distinct from being a cultural agitator. Part of the curator’s role is working with artists to define problems in the culture – not to solve or create solutions to those problems, but to reframe ways of viewing our situation.”

Christchurch Art Gallery’s new Senior Curator Lara Strongman discusses curation in the latest issue of Bulletin.

On Curating – Lara Strongman

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