The Rosalind Krauss loft

The Rosalind Krauss loft (1976), with a custom platform bed
Rosalind Krauss’s loft, 1976 (with custom platform bed)

Rosalind Krauss is an American art critic and a professor at Columbia University in New York City.  In 1976 her bedroom looked like this. Mean. It was designed by the late Alan Buchsbaum (who died in 1987), and you can view some more of his excellent interiors here.

The Rosalind Krauss loft

3 thoughts on “The Rosalind Krauss loft

  1. Linda Tyler says:

    Janet Malcolm writes about this ruthlessly spare space in The Purloined Clinic – “there was nothing that had not been surveyed by the rigorous and critical eye of Rosalind Krauss” etc.

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