Raymond Pettibon, film-maker

LOL’s just discovered a suite of early films by Raymond Pettibon, all shot by the artist in 1989 using home video equipment. The tapes address various elements of West Coast American subcultures from Charlie Manson and The Family (in Judgement Day Theatre: The Book of Manson) to the kidnapping of Patti Hearst by militant group The Symbionese Liberation Army (in Citizen Tania). The last of these videos, Sir Drone (above), focuses on the emergence of the American punk movement, to which Pettibon was intrinsically linked though his work with Black Flag and SST Records.  In it, Mike Watt of the Minute Men and the late Mike Kelly (formerly of Destroy All Monsters) play teen punks trying to start a band.  Pettibon himself also makes an appearance, as a character called Vomit.  Shot over two days, Sir Drone contains a rambling script read awkwardly from cue cards.  Despite their crudeness, Kelly later claimed that “Raymond’s tapes are strangely moving: he is a brilliant script writer”.  LOL leaves you to be the judge of that…

Raymond Pettibon, film-maker

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