Thailand Gets Its Own Biennale


Pattaya Biennale promotional poster
Pattaya Biennale promotional poster

Following in the footsteps of its neighbours Singapore and Indonesia, Thailand is planning a biennale of its own. Launching in late 2014, the country’s first biennale won’t be taking place in the capital.  Rather, the event will be staged in the touristy beach town of Pattaya, an area renowned for its “severe lack of culture”, according to Thasnai Sethaseree, one of three creative practitioners working on the event.   He says; “It’s empty in a sense. Things happen there, but nothing in the creative field. That means we can make something out of this emptiness. There are no constraints.”  The biennale theme and actual dates have not yet been released and will be determined by Sethaseree’s fellow project managers; curators Gridthiya Gaweewong and Pier Luigi Tazzi.  

Thailand Gets Its Own Biennale

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