Picasso, Baby.

Jay Z faces off with Marina at Pace Gallery
Jay Z faces off with Marina at Pace Gallery

Jay Z’s taken his art wank to the next level this week with a 6-hour ‘endurance performance’ at Pace Gallery in New York.  The rapper performed his new single ‘Picasso Baby’ over and over to an audience filled with fans and art-world heavyweights alike.  Attendants included Girls producer Judd Apatow, art critic Jerry Saltz (who had this to say about the performance) and artists including Marilyn Minter, Laurie Simmons, Marina Abramovic and Laurence Weiner.  According to crowd member and artist Adam Pendleton however “It was a little unclear when Lawrence Weiner came out if Jay-Z had any idea who he was.”  Awkward.

Footage gleaned from the performance will eventually be edited into a music video to accompany the single.  While photographs and tweets were allegedly not permitted within the space, this hasn’t stopped them cropping up all over social media and Gothamist has some good snippets of pirated footage.  The whole thing’s created quite a buzz, but LOL wonders if the result is anything more than a cleverly crafted situation where name dropping artists becomes another hollow signifier of status…

Picasso, Baby.

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