Bonami Hates Ai Weiwei

Francesco-Bonami, curator, writer and Artistic Director of Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin

Turns out Italian art writer and curator Francesco Bonami isn’t a big Ai Weiwei fan.  The former Venice Biennale Curator and Flash Art Editor had this to say in a recent interview with Marina Cashdan for Artsy:

MC: Were there any pavilions or collateral events [in Venice] that you were surprised by, in a good or not good way?

FB: I hate Ai Weiwei. I think he should be put in jail for his art, and not for his dissidence … lukewarm dissidence, because a real dissident, you don’t hear about them any longer, you know? They just throw away the keys.

MC: And you don’t think he’s helping “real” dissidents?

FB: I don’t think he’s helped the real dissidents, and I think he exploits his dissidence in favor of promoting his art.


Read the full interview here.

Bonami Hates Ai Weiwei

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