DJ Hennessy Youngman

Net sensation Hennessy Youngman
Internet sensation Hennessy Youngman

Remember Hennessy Youngman (a.k.a Jayson Musson), creator of the episodic internet show Art Thoughtz?  You know – the guy who called Damien Hirst a tw*t…?  He’s been pretty quiet on the YouTube monologue front of late but has turned his hand to DJing, releasing playlists under the moniker CV Bangers.  Youngman describes the mixes as “…audioscape(s) for when you’re buying tampons or a 12 pack of condoms, a sampling of those magic tunes that play when you’re contemplating how ridiculous you would look carrying 24 rolls of toilet paper on the train…”

So if you’re interested in listening to a playlist that sounds like “commerce itself” click on the Soundcloud link above.  (And included in the latest installment  is a LOL fave; the Toto classic you see below.  So very smooth).

DJ Hennessy Youngman

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