Ai Weiwei’s Horrible Single

Earlier this year Ai Weiwei announced that he was making a heavy metal album in response to his 2011 detention.  It’s now been released, along with a music video for the album’s first single, ‘Dumbass’.  The clip directly addresses the artist’s incarceration, and even includes an ‘inch accurate’ portrayal of Ai’s former cell.  The artist described the music making process as a form of ‘self therapy’, though judging from the outcome it might have been a process best conducted in private.  The whole thing is, frankly, awful.  (It’s pretty questionable on the ‘metal’ front too).  Don’t quit your day job Ai!

Ai Weiwei’s Horrible Single

One thought on “Ai Weiwei’s Horrible Single

  1. Interesting post especially the part about Ai Weiwei. Some thoughts about Ai Weiwei’s earlier provocative concept…

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