Dennis Hopper at Gagosian

Dennis Hopper, 'Neil Young in Desert Shot', 1961-67
Dennis Hopper, ‘Neil Young in Desert Shot’, 1961-67

Best-known as a director and actor, Dennis Hopper was also an accomplished artist, as evidenced by the major 2010 LA MOCA exhibition Dennis Hopper: Double Standard (the first show under Jeffrey Dietch’s directorship) that sadly opened just after Hopper’s death.   Three years on, a series of photographs by Hopper that hasn’t been seen since 1970 is about to go on display at Gagosian in New York.  The exhibition contains over 200 images from Hopper’s Lost Album; a series documenting late 1960s American counter culture and iconic figures like Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns and Neil Young (above).  Hopper’s photographs are generally uncropped and feature only natural light, lending the images a brooding, moody quality.  He’s got quite an eye. All of the photographs were taken with a 28mm Nikon given to the artist by his first wife in 1967.  Hopper didn’t pick up a camera again until the early 1980s.

Dennis Hopper at Gagosian

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