Twohundredfiftysixcolours is a new feature-length silent film about GIFs, consisting entirely of GIFs.  Made by Chicago-based artists Eric Fleischauer and Jason Lazarus it took over two years to produce, with vignettes occasionally appearing  randomly but often organised into categories like ‘treadmills’, ‘cats’ and ‘landscapes’ (that’s the excerpt you see above).  “Every edit is meaningful,” Fleischauer explains. “That’s why it took so long. We’d spend 10 minutes thinking about each category, going through desktop folders of images.”  Rather than follow a conventional plot structure, the GIFs flash across the screen in relentless waves and the effect is frenetic, to say the least.  Twohundredfiftysixcolours will be released at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago on April 18th.


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