“Women Don’t Paint Very Well”

Georg Baselitz; creep.

German publication Der Spiegel recently conducted an interview with grumpy painter Georg Baselitz in which the artist was quick to criticise the media, art institutions and the art market.  He saved his most scathing commentary, however, for female painters.  Here’s what he had to say:

Der Spiegel:  The market only embraces a few women. There are hardly any women among the most expensive artists.

Baselitz: Oh God! Women simply don’t pass the test.

Der Spiegel: What test?

Baselitz: The market test, the value test.

Der Spiegel: What’s that supposed to mean?

Baselitz: Women don’t paint very well. It’s a fact. There are, of course, exceptions. Agnes Martin or, from the past, Paula Modersohn-Becker. I feel happy whenever I see one of her paintings. But she is no Picasso, no Modigliani and no Gauguin.


Read the full interview on Spiegel Online.

“Women Don’t Paint Very Well”

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