Art is where you find it

New York’s Taxi Televisions are getting an art injection.  Thanks to an initiative spearheaded by non-profit organisation the Art Production Fund, the small screens installed in New York cabs will soon feature a short video work amongst the usual weather updates and commercials.  An excerpt of the music video Ryan McGinley made for warbly Icelandic band Sigur Rós (above) is set to appear in over 3,000 vehicles from February 5th.  The work was filmed ‘guerilla style’ without permits over the American summer and features the artist’s friend Jessica Tang skipping through the streets of New York wearing only a blue T-shirt and gold wig, leaving a trail of ‘star dust’ behind her.

Closer to home, curator Dr Melissa Liang has developed a similar project with Air New Zealand.  From mid-January the airline will include a video work, ‘Delta’ (above), by New Zealand artist Clinton Watkins in their in flight entertainment on long haul journeys.  The footage is one continuous long shot of an East Coast road in New Zealand, accompanied by a sound track of abstracted, low frequency delta waves.  These waves are present during deep sleep, so the work is perfectly pitched for the weary traveler.

Both projects are excellent examples of engaging with wider (captive!) audiences in public space. Thumbs up to the non-art organisations with the imaginations to support these sorts of initiatives.

Art is where you find it

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