He’s back

David Bowie has marked his 66th birthday by unexpectedly releasing ‘Where are we now?’, his first single in over a decade.  Accompanying the song is the video clip above directed by American new media artist Tony Oursler (represented in Australasia by Jensen Gallery).  The video is set in Oursler’s studio and includes one of his typically surreal sculptures featuring projections of the distorted faces of Bowie and a mute female companion.  Oursler and Bowie go way back.  In 1997 the artist made screen projections and onstage sculptures for the musician’s rather excellent 50th birthday concert at Madison Square Garden that you can watch online here.

After years out of the spotlight (following a minor stroke in 2004) 2013’s proving to be a big year for the Thin White Duke.  He’ll be releasing his first studio album since 2003 (‘Where are we now’ is the first single) and is the subject of a major exhibition, David Bowie Is, that opens at the Victoria and Albert Museum in March.  Welcome back Mr Bowie!

He’s back

One thought on “He’s back

  1. Emma says:

    The female face is Tony Oursler’s wife, Jacqueline Humphries, who also shows in the gallery. The video was shot in Tony’s studio. Thanks.

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