Do not want

Luxury backpacks by Hirst & the Olsen twins
Luxury backpacks by Hirst & the Olsen twins

So here’s a not-so-great art/fashion collab.  This time between the insipid, possum-eyed Olsen twins and Damien Hirst.  Together, they’ve created a range of ‘luxury backpacks’ for Mary Kate & Ashley’s fashion line, The Row.  Peppered with Hirst-brand polka dots and prescription pills (and the artist’s signature too, of course), one of these little numbers will set you back US$55,000.  Only 12 have been made.  But no need to feel too guilty about your outrageous purchase, a ‘significant portion’ of each sale goes to UNICEF…

Do not want

One thought on “Do not want

  1. not feeling this collaboration at all, first of all , don’t like damien hurst.. let’s not even get me started, haha, second, the bag in itself is nice, but then why pills? feels like a weird and boring idea, it’s like “ok how do we make this bag a bit more arty,without trying too hard? yes lets just stick some pills on it!” and pricy is it as well, guess you would have saved money on not having to buy any painkillers for a while, so maybe it’s worth buying? haha

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