Dinos Makes Music

The cover of ‘Luftbobler’, an album by Dinos Chapman

Dinos Chapman is releasing his first album.  He’s been making DIY music for over a decade and recorded the material for Luftbobler in his East London basement.  The album features thirteen tracks of ‘schlampige musik’ (which roughly translates as ‘sloppy’ or, er, ‘slutty music’) and a cover designed by the artist. And if you want to know what it sounds like, Chapman says it’s “… like a naked mole-rat plucked untimely from its snuggly basement-burrow, on its back, all squirmy, exposed to the suns dissecting rays.”  Luftbobler will be launched by The Vinyl Factory in February 2012.

Dinos Makes Music

One thought on “Dinos Makes Music

  1. […] Remember Luftbobler, Dinos Chapman’s first foray into electronic music recorded in his basement?  Well, last week the album was officially launched at The Vinyl Factory in London, complete with a live AV display by the artist.  The result looked like an odd rave/gallery opening crossover but Leg of Lamb’s quite partial to the low key, saturated footage that Chapman created to accompany each of the tracks.  Nice that he’s named the number above after Kurt Vonnegut’s famous refrain from Slaughterhouse 5 too. […]

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