Murakami, Boesky & the Cosmos

Murakami in front of his psychedelic wallpaper, ‘Cosmos’

Takashi Murakami is suing New York dealer Marianne Boesky over her allegedly unauthorised loan of the artist’s limited edition wallpaper, ‘Cosmos’ to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Murakami claims that Boesky reproduced the wallpaper without his permission and supplied it to The Met for inclusion in their current Andy Warhol exhibition, ‘Regarding Warhol’.  Defending her position, Boesky’s lawyers claim that Murakami agreed to the arrangement ‘verbally’.

In 2003 Murakami gave Boesky permission to sell limited edition sets (each containing 20 sheets) of ‘Cosmos’ to fifteen collectors.  Artist control of the product was so stringent that collectors who wanted to move the wallpaper could only buy new rolls if the originals were returned to Boesky to be destroyed.  Surprising then that Boesky thought she could, according to court papers, create unlimited rolls of paper, ‘apparently forever’ and that she had kept the digital file to do just that, even after she stopped representing Murakami over six years ago.

The artist is seeking compensation and the immediate return of the digital file.

Murakami, Boesky & the Cosmos

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