Domestic Stuff

Opening of ‘Domestic Stuff’ at Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta

Last night Leg of Lamb attended the opening of Domestic Stuff, a group exhibition at Cemeti Art House curated by Cemeti Co-Director and artist Mella Jaarsma. Using shared domestic experience as a point of departure, Jaarsma invited a group of 7 Indonesian artists to in turn enter into artistic partnerships with collaborators working across different disciplines.  Of particular interest was ‘Titian Catatanku Dari Rumah’, an installation by Mufti ‘Amenk’ Priyanka who was invited to join the exhibition by ceramicist Sekarputri.

Mufti ‘Amenk’ Priyanka, ‘Titian Catatanku Dari Rumah’, 2012

Priyanka combines heavy metal imagery (good to see an early Metallica poster making an appearance here!) and other found pop culture memorabilia with small hand painted works  on paper that offer vignettes into the artist’s personal life.  Indebted to the style of American artist Raymond Pettibon, Priyaka’s black and white drawings combine everyday domestic imagery with handwritten texts and family photos that lend the installation a diaristic quality akin to stepping into a teenage boy’s bedroom; and it’s this fusion of rock and roll bravado and intimacy that makes the work so engaging.

Domestic Stuff, at Cemeti Art House, Jl. D.I. Panjaitan 41, until August 25th

Domestic Stuff

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