Leg of Lamb spent the weekend in Auckland and enjoyed the following:

Vincent Riebeek, residue of the performance ‘Justice’, 2012

1. Vincent Riebeek at Artspace
Included in the group exhibition alienate/demonstrate/edit curated by outgoing Artspace curatorial intern Arron Santry was a video work by Netherlandish artist Vincent Riebeek.  Justice is in fact the remnants of a live performance and features footage of a rising and falling phallus, energised by visual overlays of multiple forms of natural energy – the vigorous member crackles and burns with flames, charges ahead amidst gushing bodies of water and even shoots lightning bolts.  Appearing on a screen partially obscured by tacky plastic curtains, Riebeek creates a vibe of twisted kitschy new-ageism where the source of healing power comes from something other than crystals…

Layla Rudneva McKay, ‘Blue vase with pink flowers’, 2011

2. Layla Rudneva-Mckay at Starkwhite
The flower paintings presented by the artist in Starkwhite’s downstairs space are nice enough, but upstairs, Rudneva-Mckay’s photographic treatments of similar still life subjects convey a subtlety lacking in her fin de siècle style scumbles.  Of particular appeal is Blue vase and pink flowers, an exquisitely toned print resolute in its modesty and undeniable prettiness.  (It’s also the perfect antidote to Michael Parekowhai’s popular 2001 Consolation of Philosophy series).

Ian Peter Weston, ‘Parallax Views’, installation detail

3. Ian Peter Weston at Snake Pit 
Unsurprisingly, Weston’s solo show Parallax Views takes the concept of the parallax as a starting point.  Referring to the apparent displacement of an object due to a change in the position of the observer, Weston translates the effect into sculptural objects that intersect with and divide the space through the employment of flat screens of colour.  Slick.


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