Last chance for Haring mural

Melbourne's Keith Haring mural in its current state

On a trip to Melbourne in 1984, Keith Haring painted an outdoor mural on what was then the Collingwood Technical College.  Since then – and despite being in the ‘care’ of the Victorian government – the work has fallen into a state of serious disrepair.  With a proposed redevelopment of the site pending, the Victorian Government and Arts Victoria has implemented a Conservation Management Plan (CMP) that calls for the stabilisation of the mural in its current neglected state.

This initiative goes directly against the wishes of the late artist and his estate, who have publicly stated that they would rather see the mural repainted completely, thus restoring its colour and vibrancy (at considerably less cost to Victorian taxpayers than the proposed CMP).  What doesn’t the Victorian Government understand here?  Do they know better than the artist?  His estate?  His peers?  To stabilise the work, Arts Vic must first have a permit approved by the Victorian Heritage Council.  This process begins shortly and will offer the public one last opportunity to object to Arts Victoria’s plans.  A petition has been started here and will be presented to the Arts Minister, Arts Victoria and the Heritage Council of Victoria – please sign it to stop the CMP.

Last chance for Haring mural

One thought on “Last chance for Haring mural

  1. art lover says:

    Hi. I had a different interpreretation of the CMP. I beleive it intends to stabalise material and then restore losses including some inpainting, especially to ‘improve presentation of the base of mural by
    reintegrating losses’ (p.24). The CMP can be downloaded here if you havnt had a chance to read it. I thought it recommended inpainting and restoring some losses of the mural.

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