The End of an Era

The interior of Parsons Bookshop, Auckland

New Zealand’s best art bookshop Parsons is closing its doors after 36 years in business. Keen to (semi) retire, owners Roger and Helen Parsons have been unable to find an interested  buyer and will instead run ‘Parsons Library Supply’ – a special order service for hard to find New Zealand, Pacific and Maori titles – from their garden shed in Ponsonby.  A victim of the rise of online stores like Amazon and Book Depository, Parsons’ closure is a sad loss for Auckland.

The End of an Era

One thought on “The End of an Era

  1. No,no, no,no…. we’re not closing because of the large online booksellers. Roger will be 68 this year. He still has ferrata in the European Alps that he wants to climb. Mail order is by the by far the largest part of our business. We’re still a viable and lively business. We buy firm sale (no ‘sale or return’ for us), we pay small publishers straight away when they bring the books into the shop and we pay the larger distributors promptly. We’re still all go. We have our own area of specialisation with customers who will always love books. No one can say we’re closing because of Amazon & their subsidiary The Book Depository. Absolutely not. Totally wrong interpretation of our decision. What one could say is that it’s not the moment to be buying small businesses and that banks seem reluctant to lend on them. Parsons Library supply will continue to fill all those NZ, Maori and Pacific orders…. Art, non-fiction, fiction…….. Thanks, Helen Parsons Bookseller

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