Cullen Charged for Gun Possession

Some works from Adam Cullen's recent 'Independent Judiciary (Mother's Milk)' series

Adam Cullen has been charged for drink driving and gun possession following a run-in with Goulburn police in July.  The former Archibald prize winner is looking at up to 14 years jail time for possession of a taser and a slingshot, a Wesson .357 calibre revolver, a single-barrel shotgun, a Ruger .22 self-loading rifle and a US carbine M1 .30 self-loading rifle.

At the time of his arrest, Cullen was preparing for his exhibition Independent Judiciary (Mother’s Milk) (exhibited in August at Chalk Horse, Sydney).  Cullen created the works for the show by firing guns at aerosol cans that then spattered onto the canvases he’d set up behind them.  ”All I was doing was making art,” Cullen said when he was pulled over.  ”I know it’s a very eccentric thing to be doing, but it was a great show.”

He’ll appear in Downing Centre Court on Thursday.

Cullen Charged for Gun Possession

2 thoughts on “Cullen Charged for Gun Possession

  1. Dr. Pam Johnston says:

    You’ll be right Adam. Don’t worry about it. Cop it sweet. You won’t do jail time – a fine most likely. Oh well. We don’t want people carrying guns around do we? Might kill someone. Not everyone uses them for art.

    1. Emma Roberts says:

      Sorry to contact you in this fashion, Dr Johnston, but I was having trouble tracking down. Can you please contact me, Emma Roberts at the Campbelltown Arts Centre on (02) 4645 4100. Thanks.

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