A gem from NZ on Screen

Peter Peryer, 'The Meccano Bus', 1994

A few years ago now, Leg of Lamb wrote a thesis on Kiwi photographer Peter Peryer.  What makes Peryer’s work so special is that it’s often conceptualised over many months or even years.  His photographs are, in effect, images that are made rather than taken.  So it was a real treat to discover footage of Peryer creating the work The Meccano Bus with the assistance of his son Clovis in the 1994 documentary ‘Peter Peryer: Portrait of a Photographer’, directed by Greg Stitt.

The footage is available online via NZ on Screen (funded by NZ on Air), who have an entire section of their website devoted to ‘Artists on Screen’.  Selected by Mark Amery, there are all sorts of gems here, including the Peryer doco that you can watch in its entirety here.

A gem from NZ on Screen

2 thoughts on “A gem from NZ on Screen

  1. Michael says:

    Overload. My favourite art blog meets my favourite photographer meets my favourite documentary. Impeccable taste all round.

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