Phallic sculpture stirs up Dunedinites

Rachel Rakena in front of her work 'Haka Peep Show'. Photo courtesy Otago Daily Times.

Rachel Rakena has created a towering black, um, ‘column’ for the city of Dunedin to coincide with the Rugby World Cup.  The 5 meter member, entitled ‘The Haka Peep Show’, apparently takes its shape from Rexona deodorant cans used by rugby players and contains within it video works featuring various haka performances.

The $100,000 sculpture has provoked such an outrage that local Councillor  Lee Vandervis has resigned in disgust, stating “”We’re paying $50,000 to rent a black penis in the Octagon? What’s that all about?”  For Rakena, the work is more complex.  She says it “…considers the sexualisation and commodification of Maori and indigenous sportsmen through the use and exploitation of their masculinity and their culture, in the media”.  Big black cock or sculptural exploration of the objectification of male athletes?  You decide…

Phallic sculpture stirs up Dunedinites

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