David Lynch, Pop Star?

David Lynch is releasing a solo album.  Coming out on UK label Sunday Best this November, it’s called – wait for it – Crazy Clown Time, and features guest vocals by Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ frontwoman, Karen O.

This isn’t Lynch’s first foray into music.  He’s created atmospheric numbers for several of his films, as well as writing and singing two songs for Inland Empire and contributing to Dark Night of the Soul, a collaboration between Lynch, Dangermouse and the late Mark Linkous (a.k.a Sparklehorse).

The filmmaker credits his love of music to longtime collaborator/composer Angelo Badalamenti.  Lynch says: “I just love musicians. They’re not all super-happy all the time, but when they’re playing they’re happy, and it’s such a beautiful thing. I also like them because they sleep late in the morning; they’re more like children.”

(Directed by Arnold de Parscau, the video above for the album’s  single Good Day Today  was selected by Lynch following an open call for submissions).

David Lynch, Pop Star?

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