Cameo Creams and Other Confections

Judith G. Klausner, 'Oreo Cameo #9', oreo sandwich cookie, 2011

Can’t afford an expensive cameo?  Take a leaf out of American artist Judith G. Klausner‘s book and make your own, out of….Oreos.  When she’s not fiddling with creamy centres, Klausner likes to crotchet bits of toast, crucify bees and make wallpaper designs out of ketchup and other sauces (below).

Judith G. Klausner, 'Condiment Wallpaper #1', 2011

But for confection-based wallpaper you can’t go past Brisbane artist Elizabeth Willing, who arranges sweets into elaborate William Morris-style configurations, photographs them, then posts them up on walls – a durable, fragrance-free alternative to Klausner’s mustard, jam and barbeque sauce concoctions…

Elizabeth Willing, 'Lodden', 2009
Cameo Creams and Other Confections

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